Angeles City Bars

Treasure Island Angeles City

Treasure Island Angeles City

Treasure Island is one of the popular bars of Angeles City. This bar has been known by different names including Love Birds because this place is great to find your temporary love to have wild sex. The bar gets opened early in the noon at 1 PM and stayed open until 10 PM. They do not keep the bar open whole night because tourists take the girls early from their bar to enjoy their night.

The timing of Treasure Island may look odd because 10 PM is the time when some bars in the city open their doors so that people can enjoy Angeles City nightlife. But I like this bar due to their early timing. This allows you to stay with Angeles City girls more.

The decoration of the bar matches with the name of the bar. Yes, when you entered in the bar, you will be feeling like you have been entered in some adventurous theme movie’s location. It’s quite dark there but there is enough light to see the other people around you. Especially, the drink area is quite lighted with different colors of lights to enhance the beauty of the bar.

The girls are the bar door will catch you as show as you will show your interest in them. They even try to seduce you while taking you inside the bar which is full of the girls.

Treasure Island Angeles City
Treasure Island Angeles City

Prices of drinks

The price of local drinks starts from 85p which is very cheap as compared to the go-go bars in the town. The imported drinks in Treasure Island cost you 155p. This is the price of their cheapest imported drink, so you can actually drink the expenses drinks too. The ladies drinks come with the discounted offer. If you purchase only 1 ladies drink, then it will cost you 150p but double ladies drinks will cost you 250p (saving of 50p). The rates of the drinks are very up to date. The prices of drinks usually get changed on weekend, but Treasure Island keeps the rates of their imported and local drinks same throughout the year except they increase the prices permanently.

Treasure Island Angeles City
Treasure Island Angeles City

What to do in Treasure Island

Tourists visit this bar to find girls for sex. This is not a go-go bar or strip bar. It is just a bar, but there are more Philippines bar girls than the drinks in this bar which means that you can easily enjoy Angeles City nightlife simply by taking girl or girls to your hotel room. The price of early work release in this bar is 2000p per girl. So, it is up to you to decide that how much girls you can afford.

The bar also has ping pong balls and bell ring games for the visitors. The price of these balls is 300p and 4000p respectively. The bell rings will allow you to serve drinks to the girls on your behalf. Usually, the Angeles City bars have male staff who serves the drink but all of the staff in this bar is consist of Philippines bar girls only. Bargaining the price or tell the manager that you want to take Angeles City girl along with you is quite easy in this bar.

Other than finding girls for sex, you can also dance with random girls in this bar. They do not have a proper dance floor but there is a separate portion where you can step in to dance with sexy and seminude girls. The music played in this bar is different.



Angeles City girls

The girls in this bar usually wear same color and type of dress. Sometimes they are only in a towel while on another day they will be in bikini only. Maybe they have a theme based dress code which changed on daily basis. But I have not asked about it from the manager, as looking seminude sexy and young Angeles City girls to enjoy Angeles City Philippines nightlife was more important for me to ask a stupid question about their dress code.

Treasure Island Angeles City
Treasure Island Angeles City

There are the different ages of girls in these bars who will serve you for the sex. It is up to you to decide that which girls you like to take home for sex. The young girl has high rates as compared to the girls who are working as a sex worker for the club for years. But overall, the quality of the girls in this bar is very good. You will easily find a girl there to enjoy the exclusive nightlife in Angeles City.

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