Angeles City Bars

Angeles City Bars

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I would like to share the experience and information about Angeles City bars in the Philippines so that other foreign visitors could have a comfortable and enjoyable time in the city.

It was my third day in Angeles City after successfully visiting the streets of Malate and Malate City. My father was going to pick me up from the Manila International Airport, and since I was late, my mother and I ended up stopping at a pizza shop in the area. The pizza place was located in Malate, but the street on which it was located was called Ave. The street had very old-fashioned buildings, not constructed with glass or concrete.

In fact, the building itself was made up of brick. So it was hard to tell whether the place was an office or a restaurant. However, the pizza place was very clean and the food was very tasty. I was starving by the time I left the pizza shop, so I decided to move on from Malate. I found a place near Aqualand Mall where I was able to eat a well-balanced dinner with my very attentive hostess.

It was around eleven o’clock when I reached there, so I went to a place not far from the mall where I could eat. A “Mall Corazon” (corrida = courtyard = food place) food place beckoned me to eat there. My hunger got the best of me and I decided to eat what I wanted at the food place.

The owner of the food place was very pleasant and answered my questions about Angeles City. He told me that the place has very few food places other than restaurants, but he has a very good restaurant where he can give his guests a special lunch. What’s more, he gives free chips and other fast food to his customers. That made me very happy. I’m a food addict and I always want to eat the best, freshest food possible. This kind of owner is the best!

I’m now very hungry and very excited to eat at the restaurant my best friend recommended. The food place is just a short walk from Aqualand Mall and it is just across the street from Malate City. Very convenient! When I arrived at the restaurant, I was really surprised to see so many locals there. The atmosphere was very relaxed and cool. I was warmly welcomed by the owner and I was told that it would be best if I ate outside. I was more than happy to do so.

How nice of him to provide free chips and other fast food! Now I’m really excited about eating at the restaurant! I was also asked if I would like to order something, but I explained that I was already famished and I wanted to eat at the restaurant, my best friend’s recommendation. To my surprise, he refused to order for me. I was shocked and I was very happy! I now feel very special! It turns out that he has a very good chef who will cook my order. I ordered a chicken special that I cannot wait to taste!

I couldn’t wait to get inside the restaurant, but I was also really nervous about my food. I’ve never eaten in a restaurant before and I’ve only eaten in fast food places. I was finally able to eat inside the restaurant at last and I must say that I was very pleased with my food. I ordered the specialty plate. I was amazed to see the beautiful dishes that my best friend brought out for me. The taste of their food is so fresh and delicious that I was soon taking pictures of them on my cell phone.

When I got home, I could not wait to taste my food and I could not wait to post the pictures on my cell phone. I’ve never eaten in a restaurant before, but I’ve eaten in fast food places, so I was very much anticipating eating at the restaurant. I ordered a large chicken special that I could not wait to taste! After the meal, I couldn’t wait to post the pictures on my cell phone.

We have just celebrated our one-year anniversary. Since my brother lives in the Philippines, I asked him to take pictures for me. We have been living in Kowloon for just one year now and I’ve been eating in restaurants so I was very much anticipating eating in a restaurant with my dear brother.

I am now in the third month of my eating habit. I eat what my dear brother tells me to eat. He is the one who recommended me to eat in restaurants. I have enjoyed my meals in the restaurants and I just cannot wait to eat in other fine restaurants in Kowloon. I am now fully on my eating habit, but I’m still craving home-cooked food. I am just on the lookout for a fine restaurant in Kowloon to eat in.

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