Angeles City Bars

Angeles City Bars

The nightlife in the city of Angeles is a unique experience

The nightlife in the city of Angeles is a unique experience that you get to experience when you visit the city. And to make the nightlife experience in the city even better and exciting, there are lots of bars and clubs in the city that are open till dawn. Popular Bars And Clubs in Angeles City

The nightlife in Angeles is definitely an experience that you should not miss when you are in the city. And the best place to enjoy the nightlife of the city is Malabanan Gardens.

Being an exclusive restaurant, the Malabanan Gardens is a hot spot when it comes to the nightlife in Angeles. Located in the outskirts of the city, this place is one of the most sought after hotspot in the city.

This restaurant and bar is where you can experience the lifestyle of the locals and enjoy a variety of drinks.

The name of the restaurant is derived from the owner of the restaurant, who used to live in the native’s house.

These days, the restaurant is known as the Malabanan Gardens and is still frequented by the locals.

In this place you can find a variety of drinks, cuisine and live music shows. As far as the atmosphere is concerned, this place is considered to be like a village in the middle of an urban setting. A bar also used to be run by the members of the native community, but since the restaurant is also a hotspot, the bar is operated by independent owners.

It is also like a place for the locals to meet and relax. This restaurant is also equipped with a dance floor and full bar. Being very famous among the locals, the bar is often crowded with different types of people as it attracts many locals and foreigners who are looking for a romantic and adventurous nightlife. Some of the famous drinks and cuisines are

Spicy tuna and chilli skewers

Red wine and Cabernet Frache chicken

Black pudding Kinilaw

The bar is also where you can enjoy live music and dance shows. The dance shows are really energetic and are held during weekends. Other than this, there are some other points that are worth mentioning in the Malabanan Gardens.

The main dance floor is located in the center of the restaurant. Behind this floor is the kitchen area, where the chef cooks the special local dishes. Here you can enjoy the live cooking shows as well as the dishes prepared specially for the restaurant. Some of the dishes include

* Cordon bleu cheese and cherry peppers

If you have children, they should enjoy the interactive food station where they can sample the famous Kinilaw chicken and spicy tuna skewers as well as the Pepper pork and Chilli skewers. Children can also try the Kinilaw sauce which is supposed to have aphrodisiacal qualities. There are some other drinks which are worth mentioning in the beverages section, like the Black pudding Kinilaw. The wine and champagne section of the Malabanan Gardens will also interest the tourists. There are also some light refreshments available in the trolleys which are enjoyed by everyone.

The Malabanan Gardens are also a popular picnic spot. This is because it is a lovely place to hang out with your family and friends.

There are various kinds of food stalls where you can get the best Malabanan cuisine. These stalls are located at the north, south, east, west and center of the garden. All food stalls like the fish stands and desserts stores are open from 8.30 am to 9 pm.

The Malabanan Gardens is just 15 kilometers from the airport and also nearby from the university. It is also near the highlands station, so you can easily reach there by transportation. The restaurants are very popular in this region as they are able to serve the people with different tastes and palettes. You can order the local specialties and have a taste of the special dishes.

* The Lion Restaurant: A restaurant is available at the south part of the gardens. This place has a wide windows and lots of tables. It provides the best quality food at very reasonable prices. It offers varied Malabanan specialties which can suit everybody’s taste buds.
* Kebabaland: This is a restaurant is located in the north part of the gardens, so it is the best place to hang out and enjoy the lunch and dinner specialties of the region. You can order the various Malabanan dishes like Kinilaw chicken, Pepper pork skewers, Chilli pork skewers, Fish skewers, Fish stew, Chilli tuna and Chilli tuna salad. They also serve the best Choco cookies of the region.
* La Tete Rousse: This is a very modern restaurant which is located in the south part of the gardens. You can order the local specialities of the region like Sisak, Kinilaw chicken, Chilli pork, Chilli tuna and chilli tuna salad, Pemicodac, Chilli mackerel. There is also the best barbecued meat, the best barbecued chicken meat and the best barbecued pork meat.

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