Angeles City Bars

Angeles City Bars

After Dark Angeles City

After Dark Angeles City

After Dark is located on Fields Ave where the old Bunny Ranch bar stood. While the bar inside has not changed much the most noticeable difference lies in the line up of girls and the fun to be had. An energetic bar that is sure to impress.

After Dark bar opened in July 2015. This Angeles City bar has a seating capacity of around 60 people. With 50 Angeles City Bar Girls and 20 waitresses and bar staff this bar can entertain you easily. The staffs are always very friendly and the bar plays good music.

The bar scene has continued to grow in Angeles City Philippines and After Dark is an integral part of the bar girl area of the Fields Avenue area, therefore, featured in the Angeles City bar map.

Located at Fields Avenue, Angeles City they have been a successful operation with a number of good looking bar girls working there. After Dark is always worth a visit when visiting Angeles City.

After Dark is a fairly recently opened bar located on Fields Ave on the site of the old Bunny Ranch bar building before that disappeared. The bar inside has not changed much however the new mamas have brought in a large amount of very keen fun girls to have a good time with.

This is one of the top bars in Angeles City right now with its current line up according to many other people.

After Dark
After Dark Angeles City

This Angeles City bar has a seating capacity of around 60 people. With 50 Angeles City Bar Girls and 20 waitresses and bar staff, this bar can entertain you easily. The staffs are always very friendly and the bar plays good music.

If you have not visited the After Dark bar before then be sure to put this near the top of your list.

After Dark Bar Angeles City

After Dark Bar in Angeles City, Philippines has an “ALL YOU CAN DRINK” every Thursday from 6 pm and finishes and 8 pm for 350 pesos which is great value if you’re a massive binge drinker and can get them down the hatch as fast as possible.

The music they play is a rock from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. All you can drink make After Dark Bar in Angeles City a must-visit for any newbie coming into town.

Most people are familiar with the sin city of Las Vegas where all kinds of temptation are found. It is one of the famous places in the world because of its exquisite entertainment offered to all types of tourists and guests.

Las Vegas is widely known because of its extraordinary way of amusing people. From poker clubs, bars, to chapels that tie the knot in an instant, all of the amusing things you can imagine are all found in this spectacular city.

With this kind of concept, the very own Las Vegas After Dark bar of Angeles City has adopted this idea with their splendid club that is located within the infamous entertainment district, the Walking Street.

After Dark
After Dark Angeles City

After dark Bar has a very eye-catching exterior, just like how the real Las Vegas city does to a lot of tourists and passersby.

The bar’s like After Dark Bar façade is decked with an enormous effigy of a sexy lady wearing only a two-piece bikini with an alluring expression that will definitely catch the attention of every bystander. Even the bar’s signage is designed with lustrous lights to fully portray its outdoor view in a Vegas-style.

To be consistent with its overall theme, this bar is built with a round-shaped center stage surrounded by art decorations and statues of showgirls that creates a more entertaining atmosphere.

The area can hold up to 70 customers that will have a good view of the nightly performance because of the comfortable seats round about the stage. Each night, the Las Vegas bar can present up to 40 invigorating dancers that will keep you lured with their sizzling dance moves.

Manila is huge and can be a little confusing. It’s easy to be swayed by the instant gratification of a hotel After Dark type bars or a club in one of the seedier parts of town.

Prices of drinks in Angeles bars tend to be extremely low, so bar-hopping down Fields Avenue is not going to require a second mortgage. English is spoken by virtually all the hospitality staff of the neighborhood so there is no language barrier between you and your firm friends.

Generally, the After Dark bar girls in Angeles City are all straight with little gay or ladyboy action like one might find in Thailand. Those wanting to head out with a lady have to pay an ‘early exit fee’ or ‘bar fine’ which normally amounts to around eight drinks.

Prices are cheaper here than in equivalent Ermita or Malate establishments in Manila. Otherwise, there are plenty of Angeles casinos listed here for those that want to get lucky in a less lurid way.

After Dark
After Dark Angeles City

The Sex in the Bars in Angeles is still popular after many years on the block and offers great companionship plus fantastic music and a range of the Angeles is one of the best-served cities.

In the Philippines for transport links with Clark Fields International Airport just five kilometers away, the North Luzon Expressway running nearby and plenty of car hire options in the town.

The town is relatively flat and can be walked around with ease, although the hot weather and dusty appearance make this only practical within the extreme downtown notch cocktails with great happy hour promotions

The city may be best known for its naughty nightlife and fine dining, but there are also some cultural and historical attractions in Angeles which are worth visiting as well.

The town’s history as a US Airbase rather eclipsed its former guide as Ciliate, the 19th-century town which was built under the influence of the then Spanish colonial powers.

On to my favorites part, the rest of the Philippines! Want a beach resort then look no further than Boracay island with great beaches, clear warm sea, lots of diving, seafood, bars (not girly), and just a 100% chilled out place.

Take your own woman if needed although if you have the game and are reasonably young there is a hell of a lot of western girls on vacation from all over the world to keep one entertained.

Boracay is by no means cheap, so expect to pay $100 us for a half-decent room on the beach, but money well spent in my opinion.

After Dark
After Dark Bar

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