Angeles City Bars

Angeles City Bars

Agasya Bar Angeles City

Agasya Angeles City

If you Talking about Agasya Bar, Walking at Angeles city has only one club worth going to this is it the music for my liking is mixed up to much. DJ doesn’t let a song play for long enough Before he jumps to the next music can be great.

And turn rather awful at times atmosphere is great gets going after midnight. Plenty of freelancers waiting for a pick up I hope another similar club like Agasya Bar opens nearby to give it a run for its money like walking at Angeles city Philippines.

There’s so much choice for everyone all said and done I had some great evenings here will be back door charges 200 pesos on Friday and Saturday for guys.

High Society is probably the best nightclub in Angeles City. The music was good, the drinks were on deck and the people were wall to wall. The music was ok in the beginning but got better as the night grew on.

They played techno/trance up to about midnight, and then they switched to hip-hop which made the crowd grow in excitement. The music is loud and the dance floor is a pretty nice size.

Agasya Bar Angeles City

The Agasya bar is adequate along with the VIP areas throughout the club. My only complaint is they just need to get more air conditioning throughout the club and the bathroom needs a major, major renovation.

Overall, it’s a good spot to go to and party and I will recommend it to anyone looking to go out and have a great time while in Angeles.

Agasya Bar
Agasya Bar Angeles City

Great nightclub bar as Agasya bar located in the heart of walking street in Angeles. The music is varied from the techno style to plenty of great hip hop with a dash of Pitbull thrown in so they are catering to all tastes.

The drinks (national) are cheap- a beer is 100 pesos and a rum and coke 120 pesos, the security is very good and will help you find a table and there plenty of beautiful women. It is open until 5 am. You can’t ask for more than that. I love the place.

If you want to get your groove on Agasya bar in Angeles City, there is no better place than High Society. Before they hit the scene Sky Trax was the only club on Fields ave.

The music quality they played degraded severely, however, as they leaned toward Korean and Techno music, with very little Hip Hop. Thanks to High Society, we now have an alternative that plays great music all night long!

I was here many times with my friends, every year at least five times. Music is still very good, a mix of house and rap. But the problem is that they changed their security staff completely and now they run a place like a criminal organization.

So, we took a table and after few hours I see the bill which was too high. I refused to pay, their staff pushed me out and their rude “manager” came out and we had a discussion.

Even I gave more than 2000 pesos just for the tip for security before, they were so rude and I accepted to call the police. Meanwhile, my friend paid the bill but the sense was very bad after that. So, this club went really down, and please be aware that everyone is in problem there if they want to rip him.

Agasya bar in Angeles City in the Philippines is the entertainment center point of the joy seekers. It’s found north of Manila (2 hours away) adjusted by a little airplane terminal called Clark.

I for the most part land there so I can maintain a strategic distance from the chaotic Manila Worldwide Airplane terminal. What makes this residential community awesome is the throbbing nightlife scene.

Finding sexy Angeles City darlings resembles searching for water in a stream; they are all over. On the off chance that wild conferences or expert responsibilities have held you secured to dull and lifeless for a long while, gather your sacks and make a beeline for Angeles City.

Agasya Bar
Agasya Bar Angeles City

To meet hot girls and spend an astonishing sex vacation in the organization of  Angeles City girls – You can take an invigorating plunge in the pool of desire.

How can it sound; more than 1,000 girls working in the Ago-go bars in Angeles City industry, without mulling over every one of the girls working in hotels, shopping centers, eateries.

And different organizations. Angeles City is obscure to most remote visitors, so this residential community never gets swarmed. The fewer men going to guarantee that the girls outnumber the voyagers – As I would see it, the ratio is 1 man for every 10 girls.


They can demolish and discourage any punter. These sorts of girls are there to win their living working  Agasya bar in Angeles City as an artist; however, some do it since they cherish having a ton of fun and entertain themselves with sex.

You should get this sort of girls in the event that you need to have an extraordinary time in Angeles.

Agasya Bar
Agasya Angeles City

Despite everything I can’t overlook the time I got this crazy girl in Lolitas. She was a sex machine, loaded with vitality thus avid to satisfy. She even called a companion to go along with us for a trio the following day.

It was her thought not mine. When I saw her, I knew she was up for some dirty activities. I have a demonstrated framework to pick which are the naughtiest girls.
I’ve banged several girls and notice an example in their conduct identified with sexual execution in Agasya bar. Nothing logical, simply regular pointers – In my first years of mongering, every ten girls I used to get, three were sexually exhausting, five normal, and two HOT.

Presently, I never fail to locate the right girls. I encounter better occasions, as well as I, spare a great deal of cash and bothers by staying away from poor entertainer’s girls.

It’s somewhat similar to going shopping in a store. You purchase an item with the desire it fills in according to depiction however once home, it doesn’t work and you don’t have an arrival arrangement set up. It’s difficult to recover the cash from Agasya bar in Angeles City, yet not impossible if making the vital steps.

Agasya Bar

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