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Angeles City Bars

Centauro Bar – Angeles City

Centauro Bar

About Angeles City, First I want to talk to you a little about a treasure hidden in the Asian continent called the Philippines. Maybe you’ll ask yourself the question Why a hidden treasure? Simple, I catalog it in this way due to its infinities of kindnesses that account where an incomparable and enviable diversity is shown.

First for having unparalleled landscapes, from an extensive coast obviously for being an island. In Angeles City, you can appreciate its clear and beautiful waters that combine to form an incomparable scenic beauty, for this reason, one of its islands was possessed to be one of the best in the world.

In addition to archipelagos, volcanoes, and especially women, yes, as you see it; Women who captivate you and leave you crazy for their beauty and charm. As you can see, the Philippines is a full country full of wonder to put it this way.

Centauro Bar Angeles City

Angeles City

But not everything is here in Angeles City, this City is so privileged with each of its products that I am sure you would like to visit it and much more for its crazy nights. Where the fun and adrenaline take over you, as I said earlier for having women everywhere, sexy and hot.

In the same, you can find in a peculiar area of ​​Angeles City a few minutes from the capital, in total contrast with reality because many of them relate to comfort women.

Which are dedicated to giving pleasure to men who come to hire their services for the simple act of obtaining money. With what they manage to make the majority of tourists fall in the triangle of Bermuda because when you pass by there, you sink, Field Avenue is decorated to receive the night with its innumerable bars side by side.

In Angeles City some are preferred because of their pleasant and dynamic atmosphere, which for many is the place of the perdition of sin, the immoral for others a place completely full of pleasure, madness, movement and sensual dances.

Nowadays, it has gained worldwide fame as a destination for sex tourism in Angeles City, and by placing itself hand in hand with Thailand.

As others would say in competition, criticized by many and bringing shame to their own, due to a percentage that has been increasing rapidly.

But where most are focused on their goal and is to go to the Angels in Angeles city to spend a moment of lust, and comfort. Each of these midnight moons to refer to the company girls, make theirs; for this reason, it is estimated that the majority of these foreigners are people older than over sixty years.

Angeles City
Centauro Bar Angeles City

Staying for a certain time with the sole purpose of hiring the company services, which in relation to this provides for the income of the country an economic value.

So the government takes advantage of such popularity that they label this area as entertainment in Angeles City Philippines. But you have to be very clear not for all kinds of people, so you have to be aware that a family group should not go to these places.

So I suggest that it is not a good promotion because if it is true is an entertainment area, but for men who seek that kind of sensual activity.

Now, one of the places with the most popular and that is frequented by many of these foreigners are the so popular Centauro bar. Called or formerly known as a carousel, which retains a carousel-style, where their nights are vibrant to the sound of music and revolves around the beat with their peculiar girls in Angeles City.

Within this you will feel like in another world, with its sensual necklines ready to everything in order to obtain a client, this bar has a determining factor, unlike the others.

Angeles City
Centauro Bar Angeles City

Because they make an exhaustive selection when hiring the girls in Angeles City , still handling the classic style, the bar has a totally safe and cozy space. Apart from being very clean unlike other places located in the most famous avenue of the city of Angeles Philippines that is to say with a key location.

In addition to the top of the bar is a hotel with the same name, and a bistro can have a drink and relax spending a wild and pleasant time.

As you can see besides having an excellent location, it is guaranteed to have accommodation and food service all in one place, which adds an additional value. In short, there are so many that I could mention to you but there is no way to visualize it on your own.

There are so many things in relation to this topic but one must be cautious when speaking or issuing a value judgment.

Actually, you do not know the reality of why these girls decided to take that lifestyle in Angeles City, so I recommend that before judging thinks about the situation for which these women follow this activity.

Nowadays, where globalization is very open in relation to these issues, and that has been cataloged as a type of tourism. This being a topic with a lot of fabric to cut and controversial generating some detractors with this issue because it seems counterproductive to encourage this type of behavior, which can bring negative consequences.

Where he argues that tourism is an activity that must be harmonious, with lucrative purposes, and where the most likely victims, in any case, are increasingly young women who have not yet come of age.

Being some of them forced to provide this type of service, so it is so alarming to see how there are still people who trade with sex.

Well, I hope this guide will be of good help to you. Moreover, help them a little to have knowledge of this hidden little treasure, and remember that traveling is an exercise with fatal consequences, for prejudice, intolerance, and narrowness of mind.

My invitation is to visit this wonderful bar. Its music is nice. It is a very safe area, and their drinks are the best in the area, do not miss it.

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