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Angeles City Bars

Heaven Above – Rooftop bar

Heaven Above Angeles City

Talking about the Rooftop Bar the name of this bar actually does define it well. Rooftop Bar or club is not less than heaven because it is one of those Angeles City bars which are full of the Philippines bar girls.

This makes it an ideal place to enjoy Angeles City’s nightlife. It is located at West fields avenue, which can be easily recognized from the main road. This bar has a very small entrance on the ground floor because it is located on the first floor and roof of the building.

Yes, it is the open year from the top which means that you won’t only enjoy the drink, dance but a beautiful view of the city.

Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Bar gets opened at 8 PM till 5 AM in the morning. The whole night, the people do not only dance but get seduced by the girls working there.

Rooftop bar Angeles City

The area of the Rooftop Bar is enough big to welcome 100s of people at the same time. This is also one of those Angeles City bars which are good for all ages of people, whether they are an 18-year-old young boy or 80-year-old man etc.

The sitting area

Rooftop BarRooftop Bar does not have a stage to dance for Rooftop Bar girls only but anyone can dance there. It is more likely a nightclub instead of a go-go or a strip club.

The sitting area has a big screen where you can watch different sports there while enjoying the drinks and food. This area is also great to hang out with the local girls as it has a big space and comfortable chairs and sofas for the guests.

Behind the sitting area, there is a dance area where everyone is welcomed. Their rooftop has a further area to sit. Tables and chairs are set there for the guests but there is nothing else than that. No music or place for dance available there.

This place is more likely to get privacy while dealing with the girls for sex. Some people use the roof sitting area to do soft sex under the sky while others are watching. I would not suggest you. It is always better to take the girl along with you and enjoy it in your hotel’s bedroom.


Rooftop Bar is one of the cheapest bars available to hang out with friends and enjoy Angeles City Philippines nightlife because the prices of drinks in Rooftop Bar are very cheap while they also offer happy hour in which the prices of some drinks have been discounted up to 50%.

The local drinks cost only 85P where the imported drinks cost 150p. In the happy hours, the prices have been decreased to 60p and 120p respectively. This is great for those who have a limited budget to spend while enjoying the Angeles City nightlife.

They also have the option of ladies drinks and bell rings which cost 150p and 4000p respectively. The bell ring will make free drinks for the Philippines bar girls who are performing there.

As compared to other bars and clubs in the Angeles City Philippines, the price or early work release is only 1300p. This means that picking the Rooftop Bar girl for sex at the bar is cheaper as compared to other bars.

You can also pick the local girls in the same bar as it has a big area for drinking and dance that’s why there are more locals came to enjoy their nights. Especially on weekends, it is difficult to find a place to sit there while it already has the ability to welcome more than 100 people.

The prices of drinks do get high on special days but normally these are the prices. Rooftop Bar also offers discounts on purchasing the drink on the specific bank card or ATM. So, do check this option too to save further money.

Rooftop Bar
Angeles City Nightlife

Rooftop Bar

What to do

As mentioned above this is not a go-go or strip Rooftop Bar. So, do not expect the semi nude dance here. But this bar has dozens of beautiful girls to take out. You can dance with them on a dancing area and ask for the date and later for the sex etc.

This place is ideal to go with friends and party purposes. The big screen where sports and sometimes sexy videos play also a good time pass while enjoying your drinks with local girls.

Rooftop Bar is more likely a place to get relaxed. So, before taking a girl to your bedroom, take her on the top and get to know each other. You may do a bit naughty thing there but not the sex, please.

Rooftop Bar

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